Social Security Tribunal of Canada

Management response and action plan (MRAP): An evaluation of the navigator service in Canada Pension Plan disability appeals before the General Division – Income Security

Recommendation Responsible manager (title) Response
(agree, disagree, partially agree)
Actions Start and completion dates
1. Navigated preparation manifests in different ways among different appellants. Most are better informed and prepared but a small minority of approximately 7% still struggle. The primary reason likely stems from appellant-specific limitations. As the navigator system matures and looks to expand its effectiveness to new recipients, consideration should be given to finding ways to track and address the needs of appellants still facing challenges to the fullest possible participation in their appeal. Director, Registry Operations Agree
  • Identify and implement more robust data collection to better “categorize” the reasons why some individuals continue to face challenges in participating in the service that lead to their removal/withdrawal from navigation (currently 7%)
  • Analysis of the “7%”
  • Present proposed solutions to senior executives for consideration
Start: June 2021
End: Presentation to senior executives 6 months after receipt of an independent research report on navigator by the University of Windsor and Laval Université
2. Since navigators have built up an intimate awareness of appellants’ circumstances, the navigator system should encourage, within the limits of permissible communication with independent decision-makers, regular contact to further facilitate appellant participation. Vice-Chair, General Division – Income Security and
Director, Registry Operations
  • Regularize navigator / member call prior to the hearing to discuss non-evidentiary matters that may impact active adjudication
  • Files requiring member intervention earlier on (that is before a member is assigned) to be flagged for consideration in Early Resolution Pilot
Start: May 2021
3. Action should be taken to monitor caseload trends and challenges raised by personnel, particularly to anticipate or inform evolving requirements for resources, training and navigator wellbeing. Director, Registry Operations Agree
  • Caseload trends, volumes and forecasts are closely monitored to ensure adequate resources
  • Navigator file ratio continuously monitored to ensure expected productivity and well-being of navigators
  • Staffing trends are analysed and an evergreen staffing plan is in place to backfill or increase resources based on caseload changes
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