Social Security Tribunal of Canada

Website user testing results – December 2020

To help us improve our website, we conducted user testing with various people to find out what they thought of our current website. The user testing results will directly inform our website redesign. All this feedback is very helpful to make our site more user-centric and task-focused.


Who did we talk to?

pie chart of user testing results percentages

We also consulted internally with members and front line staff, including our navigators, registry officers and call centre employees who deal directly with users of our system.

We also asked people about 10 typical tasks to help determine if they can easily find what they are looking for. Here’s an overview of the users’ success rate for each task:

overview of the users’ success rate for each task

We also asked if they have found anything difficult/confusing about the appeal process. Here are some of the responses:

Text version
Information relevant to the appeals process is difficult to find Knowing which division to contact is confusing SST’s website is confusing to use Some participants noted they did not find anything confusing
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