Social Security Tribunal of Canada

New policy on reimbursements and allowances


At the Social Security Tribunal (SST), we now have a policy that explains the eligibility criteria for people asking us to reimburse their expenses or pay them an allowance.

In special situations, the Chairperson of the SST can reimburse travel or living expenses (like lodging, fuel, transportation tickets, or parking fees) and pay allowances (like lost wages) for any party who has to attend a hearing.

This authority comes from section 63 of the Department of Employment and Social Development Act. However, some of the terms in this section can be unclear. That’s why we developed this new policy, to explain:

  • the Chairperson’s authority to reimburse expenses or pay allowances
  • when and how a party can submit a request for reimbursement or an allowance
  • how the SST processes these requests

The SST is committed to improving the quality and accessibility of justice for the people who use our services. If you have any questions or comments about this new policy, contact us.

Shirley Netten
Shirley Netten
Interim Chairperson
Social Security Tribunal of Canada
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