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Added parties

An added party is someone who could be affected by the decision, but who is not the appellant or the respondent

What added parties do

Added parties have the same rights and responsibilities as appellants and respondents. 

If you’re an added party, you’re responsible for: 

  • preparing documents and sending them to us
  • reviewing everything we send you
  • presenting evidence (except for Employment Insurance appeals at the Appeal Division)
  • presenting arguments
  • responding to another party’s arguments
  • letting us know if your contact information changes
  • meeting the deadlines we give you
  • attending a conference or hearing
  • questioning witnesses (except for Employment Insurance appeals at the Appeal Division)

If you have a representative, they can do some of these things for you.

Throughout the process, please be respectful and help us create a safe environment.

  • Like all parties to the appeal, we send the added party (or their representative) copies of all documents relevant to the appeal. This is called the appeal file.

Who are added parties

Added parties are people who may have a direct interest in the decision about benefits.

For example:

Employment Insurance

  • a former employer
  • a claimant 

Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security / Guaranteed Income Supplement

  • a spouse or common-law partner
  • a former spouse or common-law partner
  • other family members
  • someone who represents an estate

How a party is added to an appeal

There are 2 ways to become an added party:

  • We automatically add you as a party: According to the law, some people need to automatically be added as parties to an appeal. When this happens, we’ll send you a letter telling you that we’ve added you as a party. The letter will explain why you were added. It will also tell you what you need to do.
  • You ask to be added as a party: If you feel that you have a direct interest in an appeal, you can ask to be added as a party.

In some types of Employment Insurance appeals, we tell an appellant’s employer or former employer (a potential added party) that the appellant has filed an appeal. In these cases, we’ll send a letter setting out the process to follow if they want to ask to be added as a party.

How to ask to be added as a party

If you have a direct interest in the decision and want to be added as a party to the appeal, send us a written request with the following information: 

  • the reason(s) you have a direct interest in the decision
  • your first and last name (if an employer or business, the business name and the name of a contact person)
  • your address
  • your phone number
  • your email address

The Social Security Tribunal (SST) member will review your request and decide whether to add you as a party.

If the General Division member refuses to add you as a party, you can appeal that decision to the Appeal Division.

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