Social Security Tribunal of Canada

Employment Insurance General Division: How to appeal

Sending supporting documents

We encourage you to send us documents you think will support your appeal, if you have any.

The Social Security Tribunal (SST) doesn’t investigate or seek out supporting documents (evidence). We don’t contact people to get more information on your behalf. It’s up to you to send us your supporting documents.

Supporting documents could include:

  • pay stubs
  • Record of Employment or other employment records
  • collective agreement or employment contract
  • medical or specialist’s report
  • bank statements
  • job search records
  • settlement agreements

Send us your documents by email, mail or fax. If you send them by email, make sure they’re in a format we can open.

We share the documents we receive with all the parties involved in your appeal.

Keep your originals. Send us copies.

When to send supporting documents

Send us any supporting documents as soon as possible. Your appeal may be delayed if you don’t.

You can send them with your Notice of Appeal form. You can also send them after. This sometimes happens if you find other documents that you feel might support your appeal.

You have until the end of the hearing to send us your documents. If we get them on time, the member will consider them when making their decision.

If you send them to us after the hearing, the documents are late. The member will need to decide whether you can use them in your appeal. They’ll look at whether:

  • the documents are new and relevant
  • they could have been sent to us sooner
  • accepting the documents would be unfair to the other party and whether it would cause delays

Translating documents

All the documents you give us must be in either English or French. If your documents are in another language, you must get them translated. You’re responsible for getting a translation of any document that you want to use to support your appeal.

If you give us a translated document, you must also give us:

  • The translator’s contact information (name, address and phone number)
  • A statement from the translator that the translation is complete and accurate
  • Both the document in its original language and the translated version

You’re responsible for the cost of translating your documents into English or French. We may check the translation for accuracy.

For more information, please visit the Language of the Appeal opens a new window section in our Rules of Procedure.


There’s no fee to appeal to the Social Security Tribunal (SST).

But you may have to pay costs related to your appeal if you:

  • make photocopies of documents you want to send to us 
  • send documents to us by Canada Post or a courier service
  • hire a representative
  • translate documents into either English or French
  • travel to an in-person hearing

In very rare cases, if you must attend a hearing, you may be able to get reimbursed for travel expenses, living expenses or lost income. The SST chairperson decides if there are special reasons that justify a reimbursement under section 63 of the Department of Employment and Social Development Act. Learn about these special situations in our policy on reimbursement of expenses and payment of allowances.

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